Locks & Padlocks

Locks are the first line of defense in home security, so choosing the right one is essential. While not all break-ins can be prevented, exterior locks and deadbolts are your primary defense. Today’s locks come in a variety of styles and materials, from simple aluminum knobs to intricately designed solid brass options. All locksets share the same goal: to keep doors secure yet easily accessible when needed.

Padlocks offer versatile security solutions for a range of needs. Paired with quality chains and security hasps, a padlock becomes a flexible tool for many situations. The requirements of a padlock depend on its intended use, whether it’s for a school locker, antique trunk, or securing a gun at home. Find the perfect lock for your needs at Haley’s Lock, Safe, & Key.


Medeco certified

Haley’s is excited to be one of only 100 Authorized Medeco Service Centers in the U.S. Medeco Security Centers, a select group of dealers, are chosen for their professionalism and commitment to educating consumers on security risks and solutions. At Haley’s, our knowledgeable, factory-trained staff offers expert security advice, top-notch service, and genuine expertise. All employees undergo extensive security training, specializing in high security and the full Medeco product line.

We offer a complete line of High Security locks, including cam locks, deadbolts, padlocks, knob locks, rim cylinders, and mortise cylinders. These locks, designed for residential and commercial use, are resistant to key bumping. Our patent-protected key control master key systems are exclusive to Medeco Security Centers like Haley’s.

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