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Elevate security with cutting-edge electronics, offering comprehensive solutions including state-of-the-art security systems, advanced access control, and powerful power operators for optimal protection and convenience.


Security systems

Contact us for free customized estimates for security systems to keep your home or business safe. We design each system to fit your specific needs, including alarms for break-ins, fire, flood, and more. Our systems provide monitoring services that can automatically dispatch police or fire in case of an emergency. Your safety is our priority.


access control

Security is a top priority for business owners, who recognize the importance of protecting customers and employees. An access control system is a valuable asset, offering burglary prevention, audit tracking, and the ability to restrict employee access to specific areas with easy programming.


Video Surveilance

Video surveillance is a system of cameras, displays, and recorders installed inside or outside buildings. It operates 24/7, recording movement when needed that includes, video doorbells. With motion detection and two-way audio in video doorbells, you can easily communicate with visitors and let them know they’ve been seen.


Power operators

A business’s entry door creates the first impression and manages traffic flow, so it must be convenient. Automatic doors are ideal for businesses aiming to offer easy access and a positive first impression. These doors also comply with ADA standards, crucial for places like physical therapy offices or nursing homes. Prioritizing accessibility with an ADA door operator can greatly benefit many individuals.


Video Intercom System with door release

This system enhances business security, allowing visitor(s) to request access with a door-mounted button. Ideal for schools and medical facilities, it notifies an employee inside upon request. The employee can then see, hear, and communicate with the visitor. If approved, they simply press a button to conveniently unlock the door for the visitor(s).

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