Where To Get Home Security Systems in Lafayette, Indiana

There are four home burglaries in the United States each minute. This statistic may sound scary, but there is good news. When interviewed, a startling majority of convicted burglars said they actively avoided properties with home security systems. Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key offers Lafayette, Indiana residents the home security systems proven to deter burglars, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are safe.

What Does Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key Offer?

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key offers a variety of home security systems to fit the needs of any homeowner in the greater Lafayette, Indiana area. If you are looking to keep your home and family safe and secure, try an alarm system, security camera or motion detection system offered by Haley’s. These types of home security systems are affordable and easily visible to potential burglars. Just the sight of these systems can help to deter theft on you property. To help you make the most of these home security systems, video management software and digital recording and storage are also offered. Haley’s even provides smoke detectors to keep your family and home safe from the threat of fire.

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key offers a range of other business and home security systems to the greater Lafayette, Indiana area. Curious about what these different systems are? Come see us or give our knowledgeable staff a call to learn more about these products.

Why Should You Choose Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key?

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key has been keeping Lafayette, Indiana homes safe since 1969. Forty-six years of experience installing, selling and maintaining locks, safes, keys and home security systems has helped Haley’s become the premier provider of the expert service your home and family deserve. You can trust Haley’s to help keep your home from becoming part of another scary statistic.

For more information on all of the products and services offered by Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key, contact us at (765) 447-5726.

Posted in Residential Security Systems on Jun 25, 2015