What is Patented Key Control?

What is Patented Key Control?

Patented Key Control prevents illegal manufacturing of keys and blanks, protects the building owner and the manufacturer, requires special authorization of duplication, and is only available to authorized locksmiths under contract.

High security locks achieve drill resistance by using hardened steel inserts, which is the cylinder core, stainless steel pins, an armor shield, which is the cylinder body, and hardened side bars.

High security cylinders use several special pins. They are “mushroom pins” which create a false shear line, serrated pins, beveled pins, and interlocking pins. There are also sidebar or side pines and multiple locking points, all making high security locks achieve pick resistance.

UL437 listing is when the locks are subjected to a variety of industry tests to see if the lock resists physical attacks such as, endurance test, attack resistance test, impression test, picking test, forcing test, drilling test, prying test, pulling test, driving test, and a salt spray corrosion test.

A high security system has 22 million combinations while standard security systems have 15,000 usable combinations.

Posted in Door Locks on Jun 02, 2019