What is an IP Camera?

In the world of surveillance there are many options on how to handle that issue. However there are other ways to use one of these cameras from Haley’s Lock Safe and Key. An IP camera is a camera for surveillance that can be accessed through a computer or the Internet. The difference between an IP camera and a CCTV (closed circuit television) is an IP camera isn’t on a closed circuit. Now how can one of these IP cameras from Haley’s Lock Safe and Key help you?

  • Keep an eye on the kids: These kinds of cameras are great if you have kids coming home from school, but you can’t get away from work. A Haley’s IP camera will allow you to see the kids getting home safely and gives you proof on who started the fight.
  • Baby Cam: Baby monitors are great if you want to hear baby, but what if baby isn’t making talking or crying? Our IP camera can allow you to watch baby and see what’s going on in the room without waking baby up or risk letting them see you.
  • Home Remodel: You can’t always be around when you are having work done around the house, but you want to be able to keep an eye on things. A Haley’s camera would let you see what is going on while you are at work and make sure the remodel is getting done correctly and on time.
  • Pool Surveillance: Having a private pool is a wonderful thing in the summer but it can also be a big hazard with young children. Having an IP camera from Haley’s can give you that piece of mind that your family will be safe while enjoying that summer fun.
  • Business security: Your business is a big investment and you want to keep you, your employees and products safe. With an IP camera, you can keep an eye on all of it and have records if something happens. With that big of an investment, it only makes sense to have the security of a surveillance camera.

One of our IP cameras can serve other unique purposes other than the ones listed above. We would love to talk to you about options and models so come down to Haley’s Lock Safe and Key in Lafayette, IN or give us a call at (765) 447-5726.

Posted in Access Control, Residential Security Systems on Jun 08, 2015