Gun Safety

It is estimated that there are guns in half of all homes in the United States. Although most of these guns are purchased for safety reasons, a firearm at home is much more likely to kill or injure a family member or friend than an intruder.

To keep your children safe and prevent firearm related injuries, it is important to restrict access to guns by children and adolescents by storing them properly. Proper storage of a gun includes keeping the gun in a locked safe, cabinet, or drawer. The gun should also be stored unloaded with the bullets locked separately.

Other steps you can take to ensure gun safety include:

  • Use a gun trigger lock.
  • Make sure that your children do not have access to the keys used to lock your guns and bullets.
  • Teach your children to not handle guns without adult supervision.
  • Avoid letting your children play with realistic toy guns.

Even if you don't have a gun in your own home, it is important to educate your children about firearm safety in case they discover a gun outside the home or in the homes of their friends. They should know the 4 steps of the Eddie Eagle gun safety program, including:

  1. Stop!
  2. Don't Touch.
  3. Leave the Area.
  4. Tell an Adult.

You should also discuss gun safety with other parents or family members if your child spends time in their homes.

Posted in Padlocks & Gun Locks on Jun 01, 2019