Finding a Home Surveillance Camera

Do you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing what happens in your house when you are away? Wouldn’t you like to be sure that the babysitter is as good as he/she has been reviewed? Would you like a discount on your home insurance premium? And wouldn’t it be a relief to find out that your cat has been making that mysterious mess—and not some unwanted guest?

It’s not only for catching burglars. It may also protect your family from those that you let into your home willingly. Even though surveillance cameras only capture video for future viewing, you can definitely use that to your advantage when you hire a babysitter or a plumber—or for overseeing anyone else that you allow into your home, unsupervised.

A surveillance camera is different than a security camera in that it records video without being monitored in real time. If your home or business doesn’t require that additional security of constant monitoring, surveillance cameras are great for less expensive, minimal security needs that may often be described as “just in case.”

Not Just for Home Security

Surveillance cameras have more uses than simply catching criminals. If you’re a business owner or manger, you can’t watch your employees at all times. It may sound harsh, but let’s be real—not everyone acts appropriately, all the time. Further, if there is some missing cash or someone has (or claims to have had) an injury at work, you will have evidence to either protect your employee or protect yourself from your employee with clear, unbiased evidence of what actually happened. But there’s more to this scenario than clearing up issues with safety. There’s a lot of potential for observing and analyzing work procedures and productivity inadequacies, so you can make improvements in order to streamline your operation.

The Haley’s Advantage

All this is possible and more when you purchase a surveillance camera from Haley’s Lock Safe and Key. Our family owned and operated business has 40 years of experience installing and servicing security devices, and we go way beyond locks and safes. We provide state of the art surveillance cameras and access control systems.

All of our employees at Haley’s Lock Safe and Key go through extensive security training in order to provide the best service possible. They are experts in high security and fully knowledgeable about our products. They are also friendly and treat our customers with courtesy and respect, which consistently earns us referrals and repeat business. If you have need of a surveillance camera in Lafayette, IN, give Haley’s Lock Safe and Key a call at (765) 447-5726.

Posted in Residential Security Systems on Jun 06, 2016