Choosing a Safe Rating

Safe Rating Information


Since the general definition of a safe could apply to a tackle box or a file cabinet, the insurance industry set certain standards to qualify as a "rated" safe. This designation assures the consumer that such a safe can be expected to minimize losses resulting from fire or burglary (depending upon rating) and is therefore considered when establishing insurance rates. A "burglary rated" safe, properly constructed, will have for a minimum, a 1 inch steel plate body and a minimum 1 inch steel plate door with combination lock. Safes without this rating cannot be expected to offer any real protection from the aggressive burglar.

How are safes rated?

The rating systems for safes are defined by construction or performance. Generally, a construction rated safe is lower priced since its model has not been subjected to an independent lab for testing. Performance ratings are generally ranked by amount of time your valuables are safe when under attack by either fire or burglary. The following tables are greatly simplified, but can give you a general idea of how safes are rated. Make sure to always ask your dealer what the rating is.

Posted in Safes on Jun 08, 2019