4 Reasons Why Keyless Entry to Your Car is Amazing

A keyless entry car remote can be a seemingly small change with big advantages.

A Gift of Convenience

Some days are just harder than others. On those tough days, the smallest things can be the most frustrating. A keyless entry car remote can make your day just a little bit easier when your hands are full, you spilled your coffee, and you’re running late for work already.

A keyless entry car remote allows your key fob’s proximity to your car to unlock the doors. You can leave the fob itself in your pocket, purse or even briefcase. You never have to rifle through all of your belongings in the middle of the yard or parking garage just to get inside your car. When you’ve had a long day at the office, or the Lafayette, Indiana weather has got you down, a keyless entry car remote can make one tiny part of your day a little simpler.

How Alarming

Everyone knows the incessant beeping of a car alarm. The blaring sound can be startling, which is exactly why keyless entry car remotes can be a major asset to the safety of your car. When your key is not nearby, the car’s alarm will sound for anyone attempting to open the doors. Thieves don’t want that kind of attention, and will run the moment your car realizes your key fob is not in range!

Forget Me Not

Every day, you likely take a bag to work or school with all of the necessary items. The things inside your purse are vital to having a smooth and successful day: a cell phone, a computer, your wallet, and anything else you could possibly need. A keyless entry car remote can be quickly tossed in with these other necessities. Unlike a regular key, however, you never have to dig it out just to open your car door and start your drive through greater Lafayette, Indiana. You can keep your key fob tucked neatly in your bag, so forgetting it is never part of your day.

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key has your back

We know how helpful a keyless entry car remote can be. Here at Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key, we can duplicate nearly any car key you need whether it is a keyless fob or a key for an older make and model. We can laser cut keys and program key fobs to solve your problems, whether it be car key replacement, key fob replacement, or simply needing a duplicate key for a family member.

Posted in Keys on Jul 20, 2015