Door Locks

Locks are the first line of defense in home security. Matching the lock to the task is the key.

Are you still relying on the lock that was on the front door when you moved into your house? The lock seems like an old, dear friend, but it may not be. Nearly 3 million U.S. homes are broken into every year. Although not all break-ins are preventable, exterior locks and dead bolts are your most important line of defense.

Today's locks can range from simple aluminum knobs in a polished-brass finish to exotically shaped knobs made from solid brass with a hand-applied oil-rubbed finish. All locksets are designed to do one thing: keep doors shut and secure when desired and allow easy passage when needed. Regardless of style or price, all door handles work basically the same way.

When shopping for locksets, keep in mind they may also be called "handle sets," "lever sets" or "door locks." For lock sets that require a key to operate, look for the term "keyed entry." Let Haley's Lock, Safe, and Key help you make the right choice. We offer many finishes and styles to choose from.

Haley's has available all the functions usually required in a house. These include Passage, Privacy, Dummy, and single Keyed and Double Keyed deadbolts. Key-in-Lever and Knob locks are available with one function only, with a keyed cylinder on the outside and a turn-piece release on the inside. We also offer a full line of deadbolts to securely lock any door.

Medeco Certified

Haley's is proud to announce that we are now an authorized Medeco service center—One of only 100 authorized in the nation. Medeco Security Centers are a select group of Medeco dealers located throughout the United States chosen for their professional business practices and desire to play a principle role in educating consumers about security risks and solutions. At Haley's, you will find knowledgeable, factory trained personnel that provide sound security advice, top notch service, and genuine expertise. All of our employees go through extensive security training, becoming an expert on high security and Medeco’s product line.
We provide a complete line of High Security locks including cam locksdeadboltspadlocksknob locks, rim cylinders, and mortise cylinders. These residential and commercial locks protect against key bumping. Our patent protected key control master key systems are not available to all locksmiths.

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