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4 Reasons Why Keyless Entry to Your Car is Amazing

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4 Reasons Why Keyless Entry to Your Car is Amazing

A keyless entry car remote can be a seemingly small change with big advantages.

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A Gift of Convenience

Some days are just harder than others. On those tough days, the smallest things can be the most frustrating. A keyless entry car remote can make your day just a little bit easier when your hands are full, you spilled your coffee, and you’re running late for work already.

A keyless entry car remote allows your key fob’s proximity to your car to unlock the doors. You can leave the fob itself in your pocket, purse or even briefcase. You never have to rifle through all of your belongings in the middle of the yard or parking garage just to get inside your car. When you’ve had a long day at the office, or the Lafayette, Indiana weather has got you down, a keyless entry car remote can make one tiny part of your day a little simpler.

How Alarming

Everyone knows the incessant beeping of a car alarm. The blaring sound can be startling, which is exactly why keyless entry car remotes can be a major asset to the safety of your car. When your key is not nearby, the car’s alarm will sound for anyone attempting to open the doors. Thieves don’t want that kind of attention, and will run the moment your car realizes your key fob is not in range!

Forget Me Not

Every day, you likely take a bag to work or school with all of the necessary items. The things inside your purse are vital to having a smooth and successful day: a cell phone, a computer, your wallet, and anything else you could possibly need. A keyless entry car remote can be quickly tossed in with these other necessities. Unlike a regular key, however, you never have to dig it out just to open your car door and start your drive through greater Lafayette, Indiana. You can keep your key fob tucked neatly in your bag, so forgetting it is never part of your day.

Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key has your back

We know how helpful a keyless entry car remote can be. Here at Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key, we can duplicate nearly any car key you need whether it is a keyless fob or a key for an older make and model. We can laser cut keys and program key fobs to solve your problems, whether it be car key replacement, key fob replacement, or simply needing a duplicate key for a family member.

Learn more about the services Haley’s Lock, Safe & Key offers here

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These guys are great. We have been using them for probably over 20 years and every experience is been really good. These guys care about the customers and they really know their stuff. I highly recommend them.

~Dave A

God Bless Haley's Lock Safe & Key!  We were petsitting for our neighbors and called our local locksmith in Monticello, IN, who wouldn't return our calls.  The lock had broken and was spinning freely so we couldn't get into the house to let the dogs out and feed them and the cat.  Finally, after 15 hours and on Sunday morning, we gave up on the Lock Doctor and called Haley's. 

~Syngin A.

“I had a very old plat book with a hidden metal mechanism which comprised the binding, and the tool which opened this mechanism it was lost. I wanted to open it, so I spent lots of time investigating modern alternatives with no luck.. I finally hit on Haley’s: they had the binding opened in about 20 minutes! They are lock experts, and I am very grateful for their help.”

Maureen S.

We had a spare key go missing while some work was being done on our home. Afraid that one of the laborers has swiped it, we decided to have the locks changed. I called Haley's and a very pleasant and professional locksmith was out first thing the next morning.

Haley's was great from calling to set up an appointment to have locksmith look at the lock to having them replace the lock. (They had to order the parts). Everyone involved, especially the locksmith were very nice and professional. They called to let me know the locksmith was running late on another customer appointment and he called to let me know he was on his way.

These are the most professional people I have every had do work for me. They arrived on time, they were very courteous and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs any lock work done. They did exactly what they said they would do and there were no hidden costs. They cleaned up their work area when they were finished.

Just want to say the crew sent to move my Dad’s safe did a fantastic job. They arrived on time, a little early in fact, took their time and every precaution to ensure there were no negatives. We couldn’t have asked for more from this crew. Thanks.

~Bob G

The Haley’s technician came by and walked the house to do an estimate. He pointed out items to me and suggested appropriate fixes. He would need to get parts and we set a date for the work to be done. We had set a date and time the week before, but I was called a couple of days before and we agreed on a date the next week. The technician was on time and went right to work, cleaning up after himself. It took about 2 hours and he demonstrated the different devices he had installed. It involved 2 patio door locking mechanisms and 6 exterior door locks and/or bolts. The technician was very good to work with and made sure I was totally satisfied.

Jeff, the owner, and his staff were incredibly helpful and honest. I came in to price how much it would be to have the locks rekeyed on my new house. I have original old locks that I thought I needed someone to come out and fix but they took the time to show me how to take it out and bring it in saving me 65 bucks on a house call! Brought the locks in that day! Will definitely return.

~Elise T

The folks at Haley's have been the best. They installed and manage the security cameras and locks at our business. Their service and support is fantastic. I would highly recommend Haley's, they have taken great care of us for the last several years.

~Ben R

I've taken numerous keys to get made at Haley's and have never had a bad experience. Price's are reasonable and the staff is pretty knowledgeable. I'd recommend them!

~Landon T

I like doing business with these guys (Crawfordsville store). I've bought keys, a handgun, ammo, etc, and it's always a good experience. They're both knowledgeable and extremely nice folks to deal with. Their prices are right on the money too!

Door had issues locking and unlocking. I contacted them through their website and received a call back the same day to set up an appointment for the following week. Haley's staff came to the house, were incredibly helpful and friendly, explained the problem, and handled the issue quickly and professionally. Thank you!

~Angela F

I was amazed we have been having problems finding a duplicate key for our Polaris Ranger. Went to Haleys they made me the key told me to take it home and make sure it worked then come back in to pay for it. I didn't think businesses gave this kind of service anymore. We are not from Lafayette next time I will save my time and just make a trip to Lafayette.

~Judy R